Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions And Answers

Update Feb 2014: Thanks again for visiting my site. If you like the content on my page, please consider purchasing my E-Book, in which you will find more interview questions and answers plus further tips and tricks on how to prepare for your job interview. Thank you for your support! On this site you will […]

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When your job interview goes down the drain

You’ve applied for a job, got the invite for an interview, turned up well prepared and when you’re sitting in the interview, you are struggling answering even the simplest interview questions. You know you have the skills to do the job and you have done this job before, but somehow you don’t know how to […]

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phone interview

Phone interview tips

Phone interviews start becoming a norm, when hiring candidates for a job. They act as the initial screening process that filters out unqualified candidates in the first round, saving the hiring company time, effort and a lot of money! The phone interview process The protocol for a company’s hiring process is: first the screening of […]

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Facebook Forum Live

The new ‘E Interview Question and Answer Forum’ is Live on Facebook. Yeah! I had the idea sometime ago, but so far, I struggled to get the ‘Facebook plugin’ working.  After several attempts and many coffee cups later, the forum is now up and running. What is the forum about? The purpose of this forum […]

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interview meeting

Mondays and Fridays are your Enemy

There are good days for having your interview and there are bad days for having your job interview. You might ask – if this really true?? And yes, it is – I’ve tried it. A really bad time, for having your interview meeting is Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Never ever have a meeting scheduled […]

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project manager interview questions

Project Manager Interview Questions – EBook Give Away

Today, I’m very happy (and proud) to present my EBook: Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers to you. Over the last 6 months, I’ve spend every weekend, writing on this EBook. It all started, when my friend asked me to help her with her interview. What started out as an email – suddenly turned into […]

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Top 5 Interview Questions

Top 5 Interview Questions

The Top 5 interview questions are listed below. You will find that these are the most commonly ask interview questions used by recruitment agencies and hiring companies. The background information to each question will help you to understand on why a particular question is being asked. By knowing this, you are able to influence the […]

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interview questions to ask

Interview Questions To Ask

Interview Questions To Ask – But Which One? Picture this: you’re in a job interview, you’re well prepared with possible questions that might come your way. You presented yourself well, and would love to get this job. Now it’s the end of the interview and you reach the final question: ‘Do you have any further […]

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After Interview

After Interview

After Interview activities are tasks, you might want to perform shortly after the interview has been conducted. Typically they are the following: 1. After Interview Activity: Post Evaluation Of Your Performance: Please take notes after the interview: about what went well and what didn’t. Write down the questions that were asked which you couldn’t provide answers to […]

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