3 Basis Steps of the Interview Process: Steps You Need To Know

A job interview is something dreaded by even the most confident of people. Sometimes knowing what the interview process consists of can help ease a person’s nerves, especially if they have never been fortunate to have a job interview or are a college graduate just starting out.

interview in progressIn order to be successful in your interviews it is extremely important to know the three distinct steps of the interview process. The interview process, in its simplest terms, boils down to three distinct steps: Establish a Rapport, Gather Information, and Close.

Each steps are separate and have their own requirements and protocols to follow, and they each carry a different focus and emphasis although they, combined, form the one interview process.  Successfully completing each step is vital in order to proceed on to the next step during the process, whether it is another interview or actually obtaining a job offer.

It should be noted that successful completion of each of these steps, during the interview process, is a dual responsibility. The responsibility to follow through on each step rests on you, the interviewee, and the potential employer, the interviewer; sadly, your responsibility to follow these steps is much greater than theirs though.

If the employer fails then the company fails to hire you; a qualified candidate. Yet, if you fail in your responsibility then you fail to be hired; hence, the responsibility is greater for you since they will just hire someone else and fill the position while you are left starting the job hunt, and interview process, all over again.

Establish a Rapport – This is based on the saying “First Impressions Count.” Someone can tell a lot about you within the first thirty seconds of meeting you. Your appearance and initial response will set the tone for the entire interview. The recruiter is not only basing their choice of the person they hire on skills, but on appearances. Do not dominate the interview. You probably will not be hired if you do.

Gather Information – This step is where the recruiter will ask you questions then compare them to your resume, along with their successful hiring rate. Some questions will be open ended, others will have you elaborate on them. Above all, tell the truth! Most interviewers are trained to spot someone that is lying; such as no eye contact, squirming in your set, etcetera. Also, let them ask the questions then you answer them. You will have a chance to ask yours at the end of the interview.

Close – If all goes right in the proceeding steps, the recruiter will start to sell you on the company. If the interview did not go well, the weather and football team scores may come up. Before leaving make question of what the next steps would be. Always thank the recruiter with a nice, firm handshake no matter how you feel the interview went.

These three basic steps, for the interview process, are just the starting point. Staying prepared for different interview styles, different questions, and different personality styles for each job is essential. Just focus on mastering your ability to present the best you and you will be fine.

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