5 Ways: Overcoming the Fear of Not Knowing Interview Questions and Answers

Going in for a job interview can be a fearful process. A few reasons for fearing a job interview are fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, or fear of the unknown. The biggest fear, though, is the fear from not knowing what the interview questions and answers will be.

Since job interviews give the recruiter an idea of the type of person you are, being scared and nervous can sometimes hurt your chances of obtaining a position. A recruiter that invites you to a job interview already knows your skills qualify you for the job in which you applied for. So, basically, a job interview is to verify your skills but it also shows the recruiter if you can fit inside the job, and company, environment itself.

The interview questions and answers can be one of the most frightening elements of the interview view process. Although, there are some ways that can be taken before hand in order to overcome the fear of interview questions and answers that may arise during the job interview.

  1. Find out why interview questions and answers make you nervous and fearful – Being able to pin down what makes job interview questions and answers so fearful is essential to overcoming the fear.
  2. Research the company and job position you applied for – Although you may know of the job position in which you applied for, learning more about what it entails, and also more about the company, can help you answer many questions that may arise.
  3. Research common interview questions and answers online – Today, the internet is a good resource for just about anything; job interview questions and answers are no exception. The internet can supply you with generic questions most asked during a job interview.
  4. Prepare questions you would like ahead of time for the recruiter – During the interview process, after the initial “spotlight” interview, the recruiter will usually ask if you have any questions. This is not the time to say no; this can make it seem like you do not care enough about the job to know more. Prepare a short list of questions to ask them. If the majority of the questions were answered by them already, state this to them and show them your questions. This can be impressive.
  5. Practice interview questions and answers – Going over any questions with your answers, that you feel the recruiter may ask during the job interview will make you more comfortable when the real interview arrives. Practice them until you know them by heart, then practice any questions you have for them so you won’t feel like a blubbering idiot when you ask them.

Job interviews, no matter how many you have, can always be stressful. The job interview questions and answers part can be the most fearful part of the whole process. Knowing what questions may be asked, and answers you can give, ahead of time can bring you from being fearful to fearless. Study the company and any questions; this can assure confidence whether you have any or not.

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