Competency and Behavioral Interview Questions

Interview Questions

There are different types of interview questions that you will be asked during the interview in order to assess your fit for the job. You can categorise them in three different groups: general questions, behavioral questions and competency questions.  Below you will find a few examples. You will find background information and example answers to the following interview questions in the Interview Questions and Answers section. But first some information on the different question types, so you can recognise them in the interview and therefore can provide the right answer the interviewer is looking for.

General Interview Questions:

These type of questions will be asked during the beginning of the interview. They help to get the conversation going and to find out more about you as a person, and if you would fit into the team. Questions could be: Why do you want to work for us?, Tell me about yourself?, What motivates you?

Behavioral Interview Questions:

These questions are being asked in order to understand how you handled a situation in the past and then relate this answer to your likely behavior in the future. Based on your answer the interviewer will evaluate your fit for the company. For example: Explain how you handle a stressful situation?, Explain how did you deal with a difficult team member?, How do you deal with consistently changing priorities? Based on your answer, your interviewer will draw a conclusion on how you will handle a similar situation in the future.
Behaviour questions are a quite common in an interview, and you would need to prepare for it.

Competency Interview Questions:

Competency or knowledge questions are related to your experience and your skill. For example: Can you please explain process X to me? What is your experience with Y?, How would you do Z?, How would you sell this product?
Competency interview questions will give your interviewer an insight on how well you know the subject.

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