How To Answer Interview Questions The Right Way

Answering interview questions is pretty damn hard – even if you are not in an interview situation. One approach, on how to answer interview questions best is to use a framework, which will help you to master the answers and will let you stand out.
By using this approach, your conversation will become so much livelier and interesting for you interview partner due to real live examples you provide.

Question Framework

Question Answer Structure:

When answering your interview question, you will need to split your answer into 3 different parts:

  1. A Statement: Provide a statement to answer the question
  2. An Example: Provide an example to support the above statement
  3. A Result / Benefit: What kind of benefits resulted out of this

Applied Example:
Interview Question: Why do you think you are a good Project Manager?

I’m an experienced Project Manager as I have worked in the industry for more than 6 years.

I’ve been involved in very complex IT Technologies (mention tools and technology you were involved). I’ve managed large projects, which have ranged in scale (go into project specifics here) then talk about specific projects (name of the project here) and add all the details in. For example: I had a project team of 20 members, the project had a budget of $2m, and the goal was to deliver a new online health insurance product for women, within 10 month.

Result / Benefit:
The benefit to the business was: X (growing revenue, being compliant on time and not losing license, headcount savings, faster to market and therefore a competitive advantage, develop a new product or service).
I’ve delivered the project on time and budget. Within the first 4 weeks we sold 300 online policies of the product, which was 10% over the expected target.

Benefits of using the Question Framework:

Try to follow the above answering structure where possible. It will give you credibility as you back-up your statements with real examples, giving evidence that you have provided results and benefits to your previous companies. Your interview partner will feel confident that you are the right choice for the job.

What do you think of this approach? Do you find it helpful?

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