Job Interview

The interview is typically a formal meeting where one or more people from a hiring company or a recruitment agency attend to discuss a job opportunity and to evaluate the candidates (interviewee) fit for the job.

I’ve broken down the topic in several areas which will help you to get an understanding on what is involved. All the different sections below are described in detail on this webpage:

The Interview Process:

On this website, I describe a typical interview process which incorporates different phases, which are dependent on each other. I’m providing an overview of the activities which are performed in each of the phases, based on the perspective of the interviewer (the hiring company) and on the perspective of the candidate (job seeker).

Prepare For An Interview:

Here, you will find everything you need to know in order to prepare for the interview. Please spend some time to go through this section. I will cover what clothes to wear, what you should bring to your interview and what time is best suited for having your interview meeting. For example, do you know that Monday and Friday are the worst possible days for having your meeting?

The Interview Itself:

In this section I will cover on how to behave and how to act during the interview. Please make sure that when answering interview questions, you don’t talk to much or don’t talk to little. You should try to aim for a balanced discussion e.g. don’t speak more than 50% of the time.

After Interview Activities:

Here, you will find information on what activities you need to perform after the interview has happened. In addition, I provide an example on how to write a “Thank You” note to your interview partner. This note will re-iterate your wish to work for the company, giving you a competitive advantage amongst the candidates.

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