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5 interview tips and tricks

5 Interview Tips and Tricks

Everyone wants to land that important dream job that their heart is set on. In order to do that, though, you have to first make a good impression on the recruiter. Having the skills and qualifications are just not enough in today’s day and age. There are some interview tips and tricks that can help […]

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Job Interview


The interview is typically a formal meeting where one or more people from a hiring company or a recruitment agency attend to discuss a job opportunity and to evaluate the candidates (interviewee) fit for the job. I’ve broken down the topic in several areas which will help you to get an understanding on what is […]

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Prepare for an Interview

Prepare For An Interview

You can drastically increase your chances of getting the job when you prepare for an interview. Looks, behaviour and body language will have a big influence on you getting the job. Start with the activities listed below in order to prepare for an interview. This will give you confidence and calm your nerves when the […]

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Get Started

How To Start Your Interview Preparation

Welcome, To Your Free Interview Questions And Answers Resource! This website is dedicated helping you with your interview preparation and with your interview questions and answers in order to get you the job you want. It is about getting the best out of you. To perform and shine in the 60 min you generally have available, […]

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