The Interview Itself

The Interview Itself – What To Expect?

During the interview, the interviewer will evaluate the candidate based on looks, behaviour and how the candidate will answer the interview questions. This section will cover on what to do during the meeting:

The Interview

  • You arrive, smile and greet everyone you meet politely and pleasantly. This also includes the receptionist.
  • Watch your body language. Shake hands firmly when you meet and greet your interview partner (s). Make eye contact when you talk to your interview partner.
  • It’s a good practice to place your hands in your lap, or one hand on the table.
  • Relax and lean forward a little towards the interviewer, so that you appear interested and engaged. Pay attention.
  • Don’t use slang words or words like “Ok” or “ahhh” throughout the conversation.
  • Listen and ask questions! Have a conversation with your interview partner. Use examples when answering questions. Don’t let this be a pure question and answer session, show interest.
  • Apply the 50/50 rule on how much you should speak
  • Never speak ill of your former or current employer
  • Think of this interview as a research activity – where you want to find out more about the company. Never ever, give them the feeling that you are begging for this job.

Questions about Salary:

Try to avoid salary questions until the end of the interview process, when the interviewer has decided that he / she really wants you. This will increase your bargaining power. Keep in mind that the salary is not the total compensation package. Other benefits can be offered such as: Bonuses, Flexible working conditions, Car parking, Health insurance and memberships etc.


Please remember that the person interviewing you will often be just as stressed and nervous as you are. Your future employer will only have a couple of hours in order to make a decision whether you are the right person for the job. If he / she hires the wrong person, this might have negative consequences for his or her career. If you keep this in mind during the interview process than this can keep your own nervousness at bay.

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